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August 16, 2008

Move somewhere else local?

I keep looking at places a little northwest of where I live (or at least decide I'm not going to). This is an easy one I could have filled out a while back. I'm not planning on moving anywhere local (and haven't been thinking about it for a while now).

December 25, 2006

Get a better kind of projector for the living room.

To watch television with. The one I have is good, but the technology for that stuff just keeps getting better and I really need want a brighter one (with more features).

So I got a new one of these back in November. I forgot to cross it off the list. I wasn't planning on replacing it at that time but the bulb blew and a new projector that was brighter was only a little bit more.

So, for spending $500 for the projector instead of $300 for the bulb, I got a new smaller, lighter (under 5 pounds) in-warranty projector, a brighter bulb (1800 lumens vs. 1100 lumens which is 61% brighter), it's smaller and has a digital zoom. It's got inputs for composite video (regular video), s-video (like from your DVD player) and SVGA (which doubles as a component video port which supports 480p). It doesn't have any audio inputs but I run it through the stereo so that's okay. It came with a remote and a great carrying bag too.

It's not exactly as high up as I planned to upgrade to, but it's better and the prices will just keep dropping on the better ones...

December 20, 2006

Frame more vacation photos.

Then hang them up.

Photos101So I put some more photos up. And some other hieroglyphic-things I bought in Egypt. And I moved some other travel stuff around. Although I ended up taking the Mt. Washington stuff down, so I need to put those back up somewhere. Some of this is done because I have 28 people coming over Saturday for Christmas and the stuff was piled and sorted on the stairs and I needed to get it out of the way (and my Mom to helped me!).

August 8, 2006

Get some kind of window drapes/treatments for the living room.

I need something a little nicer since I pretty much just have blinds.

So I finally got some! And they're actually up and they look pretty nice too. (More money spent at Ikea)

Get new living room tables and end tables.

I so need these.

57422 Pe163006 S3And I finally got them! I replaced the bigger table and just one of the end tables (and I'm not sure if I will). I really like them. I got them at Ikea so they were reasonably priced and they match my house. (Although the end table is a little shorter than I want). Here's a link to the catalog page.

March 15, 2006

Frame all of my college degrees.

It's been 10 years, isn't it about time?

FrameddegreesDone. So I'm hanging the degrees, I've got a really nice dual degree frame for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees (Kelly got me that for Christmas). And four smaller frames for the associates degrees (2 year degrees). But as I was opening the 4 frames it turns out one was broken and they discontinued these about a week after I traveled to multiple targets to get them. I had to hit two Targets to get a replacement.

I don't actually have enough room for all six where I wanted them (but I put them there anyways). Plus the color really doesn't match as well as I hoped (I like the color it just doesn't match where it is). Yes, that's the new armoire/desk that I completed as a task a few days ago (click for a larger view).

I also noticed the Associate's degrees just say which department where they're from but not what degree.

This is done, but the four of them might get reframed later...

And if anyone can tell me the correct way to fix the apostrophes above, I'll gladly do that...

March 11, 2006

Get a new desk for the landing.

I've got a spot upstairs that needs a nice desk. I've kinda wanted one since I moved in...

ArmoirclosedArmoireopenIt's here, it's great! I ordered the armoire, it's like a cabinet that hides the desk until you open the doors! It took a while to assemble it but it was worth it! It looks really good up where I've got it.

March 3, 2006

Get a new carbon monoxide detector.

The old one is pretty old and doesn't look like it could detect much.

Purchased and installed. And I plugged the old one in upstairs just in case it still works, I'll have extra protection...

Still trying to figure out if CO is more likely to rise or sink.

January 15, 2006

Get a new desk chair.

I think my current one is from 1986(?)

MeshdeskchairGot a new one! I liked it, I bought another one for the other desk.

November 11, 2005

Reverse the door on my office at home.

I think I'd have more options if the door opened out vs. opening in.

Paint the inside of the garage

Paint it with anything, even primer, would make it look better than the taped off drywall I have.

Clean out the junk room.

Do this to be able to actually set up the spare bed. This one may not be possible.

Get the drywall re-taped and painted in my condo.

It's settled since moving in...

Get new living room couch and chairs.

I'd really like this, my new ones (1999) just didn't hold up, I've had hand me down furniture longer than that.

Decide if I might actually want to live in Costa Rica.

I've talked about this for years so make a life plan or decide not to.

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    • 09/18/06 Drink a half gallon of water a day.
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    • 12/25/06 Go two weeks without Coca Cola.
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    • 01/15/06 Get a new desk chair.
    • 03/11/06 Get a new desk for the landing.
    • Get new living room couch and chairs.
    • 08/08/06 Get new living room tables and end tables.
    • 08/08/06 Get some kind of window drapes/treatments for the living room.
    • Get the drywall re-taped and painted in my condo.
    • 08/16/08 Move somewhere else local?
    • Paint the inside of the garage
    • Reverse the door on my office at home.

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    • 04/06/06 Get a new battery for my digital camera.
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    • Get most of my digital photos online.
    • 05/31/06 Get some kind of faster Internet connection for while I'm on the go.
    • 08/17/08 Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better.
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    • 08/16/08 Take Mom to England.
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    • 12/30/06 Take a warm vacation in winter 2006-07.
    • 12/09/07 Take a warm vacation in winter 2007-08.
    • 04/18/06 Vacation in Egypt.
    • 12/30/06 Visit Costa Rica again.
    • Visit Roswell, New Mexico.
    • Visit friends in Boston.
    • 05/10/06 Watch all the Egypt specials I've taped.