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August 17, 2008

Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better.

Something that powers it and lets me view the songs and control it from something other than the iPod display.

I finally got an Alpine cda-9886 (I got this in April or May but forgot to mention it). It's got an iPod adaptor and USB input. It's great! My one complaint is sometimes with audiobooks it forgets where in the book it is, and when it forgets it kinda screws up until you remove the iPod and put it back on. But the USB port makes any thumb drive or USB device work the same as an iPod, from the menu it's hard to tell the difference.

May 24, 2008

Get Mom hooked up with a TiVo or something similar.

This I can probably do. I'll see what she keeps with her cable plan and maybe just get her hooked up with their DVR.

I finally got Mom to try out the DVR from the WOW cable company. I've mentioned it a few times but...

The other week they were coming out to work on something else and I got her to call them back and get her a DVR (I think she's actually got it in her new plan). So far it seems to be working for her. It's automagically getting her soap opera and that's what matters. And I know she's used it to record a few other shows!

December 9, 2007

Finish converting my Xbox into a media system.

I picked it up ages ago and never finished (barely started). While this isn't completed, I have already purchased an AppleTV so I've fulfilled that need (months ago actually).. I guess from a geeky factor I didn't solve the problem but I do have a media system in the living room and since it syncs with iTunes it even fits my needs better than the Xbox system would, so I'm crossing this item off my list.

October 2, 2007

Figure out a better backup system for my computer info

such as: music, photos, data, etc. Something off site(?) or a server at a friend's(?)....

I've got a dual-system here. First of all I use .Mac, it's a great easy seamless way to back up your files. But they never had enough disk space. But they just jumped up to 10GB for the same price. So I back up my music and photos there until a I get full DVD and then make multiple backups (copies here and a copy off site) and then free the space up. I also push those folders up to a non-published folder on a web server that I have extra space at (they've increased their space too).


March 2, 2007

Get Mom using the Internet.

I'm not sure how to make it happen, but I've got almost 3 years to do this...

HpnotebookI had pretty much given up on the idea but about a week ago she decided she wanted to and I jumped on it; she came over we got a new laptop for her: HP 15.4 inch Dual Core, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive, Dual-Layer DVD burner w/LightScribe, SD chip reader (maybe reads more than that, with the media center “stuff” and a remote for that (which slides nicely into the laptop). A bit more machine than she needs right now but she won't need anything else more than that for a while and it's small enough she can bring it over when she has questions/problems instead of me having to always go over there. The cable people showed up today and she's now on-line at home! AND she signed up for a 4 week (2 hours a week) class that starts next week.

Specifically it's an HP Pavilion 15.4" Widescreen Notebook PC (DV6226US) from Circuit City ($699 AR this week).

May 31, 2006

Get some kind of faster Internet connection for while I'm on the go.

EVDO? What happens when I'm somewhere without this? Can I use older tech to get on-line? (My current slow tethered solution works in many places). We'll see what the future brings...

I've got EVDO on my new palm Treo 700p cell phone and it's fast! I've got it connected to my laptop via BlueTooth and it's really fast for being mobile. We'll see how the coverage goes.

Be an early adopter for the next new Palm OS phone.

It needs WiFi, BT, a camera, high speed Internet and a whole lot of memory. (Or some similar solution)

I got it! The new Palm Treo 700p, new this week! It doesn't have the WiFi, but that's 'cause they don't make it that way. But the internet is very fast. So far my main two complaints are no graffiti and it's too big.

April 7, 2006

Get an SLR digital camera.

Something SLRish with a better zoom and lens(es).

So I got the Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera 18-55mm Lens. I liked the silver one better but Dell was out of stock and they had such a good deal (I think I got it for $739 shipped/tax and I have to mail in for $100 rebate). It's great and it's fast but it's got way too many buttons! I might actually have to read the manual...

I thought it would mount on my Macintosh desktop like a thumb-drive but it doesn't. Fortunately iPhoto recognizes it just fine. I was just surprised that it didn't mount. So now I need a few other things for it: plain or UV filter, some kind of case, a USB device to mount it as a drive and maybe a spare battery.

April 6, 2006

Get a new battery for my digital camera.

I've needed this for a while.

So I finally got the new battery for my Minolta Dimage XT. I had to get the energizer version from since I couldn't find the actual factory battery anywhere. The old one just died of too much use. I charged it up today and it seems to work fine so far, I'll take a few more this weekend to make sure it's a-okay.

November 11, 2005

Get most of my digital photos online.

Have them be sorted and organized (at least 50%).

Scan my old photos.

At least 25% of my photos.

Upgrade (replace) the desktop Macintosh computer.

Not top of the line, just something newer than what I have (circa 2001).

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    • 05/31/06 Be an early adopter for the next new Palm OS phone.
    • 10/02/07 Figure out a better backup system for my computer info
    • 12/09/07 Finish converting my Xbox into a media system.
    • 05/24/08 Get Mom hooked up with a TiVo or something similar.
    • 03/02/07 Get Mom using the Internet.
    • 04/06/06 Get a new battery for my digital camera.
    • 04/07/06 Get an SLR digital camera.
    • Get most of my digital photos online.
    • 05/31/06 Get some kind of faster Internet connection for while I'm on the go.
    • 08/17/08 Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better.
    • Scan my old photos.
    • Upgrade (replace) the desktop Macintosh computer.

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    • 05/10/06 Watch all the Egypt specials I've taped.