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August 2, 2008

Change all exterior bulbs in my car.

Do them all at once so I don't need to change any of them for a long time.

I finished all the bulbs in my car. I purchased them all the last time a rear light went out but only changed all the ones in back (it was wet or cold or something). I replaced all the ones in front so they're all done. Hopefully, I won't have to change them all again before I get a different car.

January 24, 2007

Clear out my Amazon Wishlist.

Buy everything or delete it!

I emptied my Amazon wishlist! I ordered about 9 items, some from Amazon and some from (if they were cheaper) and I even ordered one of them used. Then I deleted the other 50+ items and I'll start it over again as I see things I need want.

October 22, 2006

Take my telescope out of the city.

Use it at least three different nights.

I did this when I was up north last month, I too my little one. It was kind of disappointing for 2 reasons.

  • I think I need a much better telescope to see anything star wise.
  • It was a night with no moon so while it wasn't distracting, it wasn't there to look at either. I'll try the other one some time, but it was a crazy one and I never had a chance to get the larger one together.

  • November 11, 2005

    Get up the minute that the alarm goes off.

    Do this every day for a month.

    Get some updated content going on all the web sites that I own.

    Update 50 sites at least once a month for three months (or stop paying for the domain).

    Recently Completed

    My 101 Things (click for the FULL LIST with explainations).

      • 05/25/06 Complete a 26 Things project.
      • Create a new 101 in 1001 list that starts on September 9, 2008.
      • Post a review for each of my 50 favorite movies.
      • Post a review of every book I read.
      • Post a review of every movie I see in a theater.
      • 03/08/06 Post this list on-line.

      • 01/01/08 Do the Hines Drive lights drive again.
      • 10/05/08 Go to the Detroit Zoo.
      • 12/17/07 Go to the Greenfield Village Christmas celebration.
      • List 50 favorite films, buy them!
      • 12/08/05 See Anna Nalick in concert.
      • 07/01/06 See Audra Kubat in concert again.
      • See Blondfire in concert again.
      • See Conjure One in concert again.
      • See Delerium in concert again.
      • See Liz Phair in concert again.
      • 07/14/07 See a movie every day for a week.

      • Have the extended family over once a year.
      • 12/25/06 Host family Christmas at my house one year.
      • 09/15/07 Make sure I see Mom once a month (and get a meal with her).

      • 08/16/08 Bicycle 101 miles.
      • 09/18/06 Drink a half gallon of water a day.
      • Eat Healthier.
      • 12/20/06 Get an eye examination.
      • Get my hearing checked.
      • 12/25/06 Go two weeks without Coca Cola.
      • Roller Blade more.
      • Rollerblade 101 miles.
      • Sleep better.
      • 10/23/06 Take a yoga class
      • Walk daily.

      • Clean out the junk room.
      • Decide if I might actually want to live in Costa Rica.
      • 03/15/06 Frame all of my college degrees.
      • 12/20/06 Frame more vacation photos.
      • 12/25/06 Get a better kind of projector for the living room.
      • 03/03/06 Get a new carbon monoxide detector.
      • 01/15/06 Get a new desk chair.
      • 03/11/06 Get a new desk for the landing.
      • Get new living room couch and chairs.
      • 08/08/06 Get new living room tables and end tables.
      • 08/08/06 Get some kind of window drapes/treatments for the living room.
      • Get the drywall re-taped and painted in my condo.
      • 08/16/08 Move somewhere else local?
      • Paint the inside of the garage
      • Reverse the door on my office at home.

      • 08/16/08 Adopt a Baby?
      • Attend church every week for a three-month period.
      • Find a church I like (try several new ones).
      • Get some new suits.
      • 03/16/06 Order the brown dress shoes that I like.
      • Release at least 50 bookcrossing books.
      • 06/02/07 Take another community education class.
      • Take at least 10 photos a day.
      • Take lunch to work everyday for two weeks.
      • Try ice skating.

      • 04/15/06 Do my current taxes.
      • 03/11/06 Do my taxes for last year.
      • 02/17/06 Do my taxes for the year before last.
      • 02/07/07 Do my taxes in 2007.
      • 02/09/08 Do my taxes in 2008.
      • 03/06/06 Figure out a plan for my mortgage.
      • 08/17/08 Go one week without using any cash.
      • Make Money On-Line.
      • Sell at least 15% of my comic books.
      • Sell something on eBay.
      • 12/11/07 Switch to a charge card with better rewards.

      • 08/02/08 Change all exterior bulbs in my car.
      • 01/24/07 Clear out my Amazon Wishlist.
      • Get some updated content going on all the web sites that I own.
      • Get up the minute that the alarm goes off.
      • 10/22/06 Take my telescope out of the city.

      • 05/31/06 Be an early adopter for the next new Palm OS phone.
      • 10/02/07 Figure out a better backup system for my computer info
      • 12/09/07 Finish converting my Xbox into a media system.
      • 05/24/08 Get Mom hooked up with a TiVo or something similar.
      • 03/02/07 Get Mom using the Internet.
      • 04/06/06 Get a new battery for my digital camera.
      • 04/07/06 Get an SLR digital camera.
      • Get most of my digital photos online.
      • 05/31/06 Get some kind of faster Internet connection for while I'm on the go.
      • 08/17/08 Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better.
      • Scan my old photos.
      • Upgrade (replace) the desktop Macintosh computer.

      • Attend Burning Man.
      • Attend SXSW.
      • Fly first class.
      • Get in the car and just travel for 10-14 days.
      • Go back to the kite festival in Grand Haven.
      • Go to France.
      • Go to a Hot Air Balloon festival.
      • 11/27/08 Live out of the country for at least two weeks.
      • 08/16/08 Take Mom to England.
      • Take a Geek Cruise.
      • 12/30/06 Take a warm vacation in winter 2006-07.
      • 12/09/07 Take a warm vacation in winter 2007-08.
      • 04/18/06 Vacation in Egypt.
      • 12/30/06 Visit Costa Rica again.
      • Visit Roswell, New Mexico.
      • Visit friends in Boston.
      • 05/10/06 Watch all the Egypt specials I've taped.