Vacation -Where to go and what to do.

November 27, 2008

Live out of the country for at least two weeks.

Don't travel much, just stay in one general area (except for a few day trips).

Two weeks is the maximum I've ever been in a country. Three weeks in the longest I've ever been away from home on a vacation (that was when I was 15).

I've stayed in Montezuma for two weeks, never even really did any day trips (other than errands to the next town over).

August 16, 2008

Take Mom to England.

Mom needs to see another continent. I did talk her into getting her passport a year ago. And they speak English (sort of) in England, so I think that's the place.

We went a few months ago, I never mentioned it here. She had a great time and she just mentioned a few days ago that she still thinks of it a lot.

December 9, 2007

Take a warm vacation in winter 2007-08.

Somewhere sunny and warm (even a short trip counts). I did Costa Rica again! My 4th trip there so far. One of these times I'm not coming back! I spent the week-long trip on the Pacific Ocean side mostly in Jaco and Montezuma.

December 30, 2006

Take a warm vacation in winter 2006-07.

To somewhere sunny and warm (even a short trip counts).

I went to Costa Rica in winter of 06-07 (

Visit Costa Rica again.

Explore the western peninsula and spend some time in Jaco again.

I'm here right now! So I'm checking this one off. See my "adventures" at

May 10, 2006

Watch all the Egypt specials I've taped.

I've taped (TiVoed) at least a dozen specials/documentaries about Egypt. Watch at least six before leaving arriving.

I'm done with this one, I'm not sure when I finished, but it's crossed off now. I didn't count specifically and I can't remember when I watched which ones when but I've seen a lot. I'm sure the few I watched on the flight will balance the scales if I didn't get six in before I actually "left".

April 18, 2006

Vacation in Egypt.

Be sure to see the pyramids!

Mecairomuseum-1I did it! I'm in Egypt right now (April 2006) as I write this and I'm talking about it at

November 11, 2005

Visit Roswell, New Mexico.

To see where they landed.

Get in the car and just travel for 10-14 days.

Load up the car and visit a few towns and hang out. This could be somewhere big or somewhere little.

Go to France.

Be sure to go up the Eiffel Tower.

Fly first class.

Pay the extra to fly in first class. I got bumped once but it was just for a short leg of the trip once (a rushed rerouted trip that added an extra leg), I need to do it for real.

Attend Burning Man.

A big concert event in the southwest.

Attend SXSW.

Am interactive media/film/music event.

Go back to the kite festival in Grand Haven.

I've gone before and it's great. Be sure to see the night flying.

Go to a Hot Air Balloon festival.

There are several in Michigan each year and I've always wanted to go.

Take a Geek Cruise.

These guys do tech cruises to exotic places.

Visit friends in Boston.

I've got several sets of friends there and I've been meaning to for ages. Actually 1/2 of them just moved to Portland, OR so I figure that counts as an option also...

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    • 05/25/06 Complete a 26 Things project.
    • Create a new 101 in 1001 list that starts on September 9, 2008.
    • Post a review for each of my 50 favorite movies.
    • Post a review of every book I read.
    • Post a review of every movie I see in a theater.
    • 03/08/06 Post this list on-line.

    • 01/01/08 Do the Hines Drive lights drive again.
    • 10/05/08 Go to the Detroit Zoo.
    • 12/17/07 Go to the Greenfield Village Christmas celebration.
    • List 50 favorite films, buy them!
    • 12/08/05 See Anna Nalick in concert.
    • 07/01/06 See Audra Kubat in concert again.
    • See Blondfire in concert again.
    • See Conjure One in concert again.
    • See Delerium in concert again.
    • See Liz Phair in concert again.
    • 07/14/07 See a movie every day for a week.

    • Have the extended family over once a year.
    • 12/25/06 Host family Christmas at my house one year.
    • 09/15/07 Make sure I see Mom once a month (and get a meal with her).

    • 08/16/08 Bicycle 101 miles.
    • 09/18/06 Drink a half gallon of water a day.
    • Eat Healthier.
    • 12/20/06 Get an eye examination.
    • Get my hearing checked.
    • 12/25/06 Go two weeks without Coca Cola.
    • Roller Blade more.
    • Rollerblade 101 miles.
    • Sleep better.
    • 10/23/06 Take a yoga class
    • Walk daily.

    • Clean out the junk room.
    • Decide if I might actually want to live in Costa Rica.
    • 03/15/06 Frame all of my college degrees.
    • 12/20/06 Frame more vacation photos.
    • 12/25/06 Get a better kind of projector for the living room.
    • 03/03/06 Get a new carbon monoxide detector.
    • 01/15/06 Get a new desk chair.
    • 03/11/06 Get a new desk for the landing.
    • Get new living room couch and chairs.
    • 08/08/06 Get new living room tables and end tables.
    • 08/08/06 Get some kind of window drapes/treatments for the living room.
    • Get the drywall re-taped and painted in my condo.
    • 08/16/08 Move somewhere else local?
    • Paint the inside of the garage
    • Reverse the door on my office at home.

    • 08/16/08 Adopt a Baby?
    • Attend church every week for a three-month period.
    • Find a church I like (try several new ones).
    • Get some new suits.
    • 03/16/06 Order the brown dress shoes that I like.
    • Release at least 50 bookcrossing books.
    • 06/02/07 Take another community education class.
    • Take at least 10 photos a day.
    • Take lunch to work everyday for two weeks.
    • Try ice skating.

    • 04/15/06 Do my current taxes.
    • 03/11/06 Do my taxes for last year.
    • 02/17/06 Do my taxes for the year before last.
    • 02/07/07 Do my taxes in 2007.
    • 02/09/08 Do my taxes in 2008.
    • 03/06/06 Figure out a plan for my mortgage.
    • 08/17/08 Go one week without using any cash.
    • Make Money On-Line.
    • Sell at least 15% of my comic books.
    • Sell something on eBay.
    • 12/11/07 Switch to a charge card with better rewards.

    • 08/02/08 Change all exterior bulbs in my car.
    • 01/24/07 Clear out my Amazon Wishlist.
    • Get some updated content going on all the web sites that I own.
    • Get up the minute that the alarm goes off.
    • 10/22/06 Take my telescope out of the city.

    • 05/31/06 Be an early adopter for the next new Palm OS phone.
    • 10/02/07 Figure out a better backup system for my computer info
    • 12/09/07 Finish converting my Xbox into a media system.
    • 05/24/08 Get Mom hooked up with a TiVo or something similar.
    • 03/02/07 Get Mom using the Internet.
    • 04/06/06 Get a new battery for my digital camera.
    • 04/07/06 Get an SLR digital camera.
    • Get most of my digital photos online.
    • 05/31/06 Get some kind of faster Internet connection for while I'm on the go.
    • 08/17/08 Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better.
    • Scan my old photos.
    • Upgrade (replace) the desktop Macintosh computer.

    • Attend Burning Man.
    • Attend SXSW.
    • Fly first class.
    • Get in the car and just travel for 10-14 days.
    • Go back to the kite festival in Grand Haven.
    • Go to France.
    • Go to a Hot Air Balloon festival.
    • 11/27/08 Live out of the country for at least two weeks.
    • 08/16/08 Take Mom to England.
    • Take a Geek Cruise.
    • 12/30/06 Take a warm vacation in winter 2006-07.
    • 12/09/07 Take a warm vacation in winter 2007-08.
    • 04/18/06 Vacation in Egypt.
    • 12/30/06 Visit Costa Rica again.
    • Visit Roswell, New Mexico.
    • Visit friends in Boston.
    • 05/10/06 Watch all the Egypt specials I've taped.